Biogeochemical Processes

Detailed consideration of biogeochemical processes operating in natural and engineered systems with a view to both improving our understanding of nature and developing improved remediation strategies. Particular areas of research include:
· Factors controlling the growth and toxicity of marine and freshwater algae,
· Transformation and fate of contaminants in the coastal zone,
· Generation of reactive oxygen species and implications in natural systems, water and wastewater treatment and human health,
· Gelation phenomena in natural and engineered systems, and
· Transport of radionuclides in subsurface systems.

Studies involving a combination of laboratory and field investigation are common with use of mathematical modelling tools where possible.

Research Staff David Waite (Program Leader)
Richard Collins
Shikha Garg
An Ninh Pham
Aurélie Giboureau Godrant
Adele Jones
Mark Bligh
Andrew Kinsela
Christopher Duesterberg
Yuan Wang
Jacqueline Stroud
Visiting Fellows & Andrew Rose (Southern Cross University)
Collaborators Manabu Fujii (Tohoku University)
Timothy Payne (ANSTO)
Marion Minouflet
Xiaomao Wang
Research Students Chris Miller
The Cuong Dang
Tian Ma
Daniel Boland
Yongjia Xin
Di He
Anna Yeung
Pradeep Maheshwari
Xiu Yuan
Yliane Yvanes-Giuliani
Xabier Vazquez-Campos
Practicum Students Hiroake Ito
Ma Yaopeng (Alan)
Undergraduate Students Guo Xing (Harrison)
Doug Lee
Siu Lee (Vincent)
Group Alumni