Researchers Ashish Sharma
Matthew McCabe
Sivakumar Bellie
Raj Mehotra

Hydroclimatology is the study of the processes and mechanisms that link the movement of water between the Earth’s surface and atmosphere, emphasizing how the climate system causes temporal and spatial variations in the hydrological cycle. Understanding the influence of natural variability and human-induced change on the distribution of water throughout the Earth system requires improved understanding of the complex and coupled processes that modulate the movement of water throughout the hydrological cycle. Characterizing elements of this water cycle and quantifying associated water budgets at local, regional and continental scales requires advanced techniques and approaches, and has significant implications for engineering applications such as flood design and water supply management.

Some of the research areas that our group are actively investigating include:

  • stochastic hydrology and downscaling for climate change adaptation studies;
  • medium to long term probabilistic forecasting;
  • land surface atmosphere interactions;
  • land surface modeling and rainfall-runoff modeling approaches;
  • remote sensing of the water cycle and advanced in-situ monitoring techniques.