Water and Wastewater Treatment

Research Staff Rita Henderson
Stuart Khan
Michael Short
Kate Murphy
David Waite
Ron Cox
Bill Peirson
Brett Miller
Richard Stuetz
PhD students Russell Yap
Yulia Shutova
Barun Lal Karna
Xiang Li
Trang Trinh
UNSW Collaborators Prof Andy Baker, School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences
Dr Pierre Le-Clech, School of Chemical Engineering
Dr Mikey Whittaker, Centre for Advanced Macromolecular Design, School of Chemical Engineering
External Academic Collaborators Assoc Prof Cynthia Joll, Dr Jeff Charrois, Dr Kathryn Linge, Curtin Water Quality Research Centre, Curtin University, Perth
Assoc Prof Gayle Newcombe, Australian Water Quality Centre, SA Water, Adelaide
Prof Bruce Jefferson – Visiting Academic, Cranfield Water Science Institute, School of Applied Science, Cranfield University, UK
Dr John Bridgeman, School of Civil Engineering, University of Birmingham, UK
Industry Collaborators Water Quality Research Australia
Melbourne Water
Hunter Water
Veolia Water Australia
Australian Water Quality Centre/SA Water
Water Corp


Research Summary

Water and wastewater treatment is a broad research area that incorporates the study of physical, chemical and biological processes used to remove and/or transform dissolved, colloidal or particulate inert and biological matter to produce water of a suitable quality for the desired end use. Investigations seek to optimise existing processes or research novel technologies with the objective of improving removal efficiency, energy efficiency and/or overall process sustainability. The application of such research helps ensure that:

  • public and environmental health is maintained
  • there is adequate water supply despite periods of prolonged drought or population growth
  • valuable resources contained in used water are reclaimed and reused, including nutrients, energy and water itself

Research in water and wastewater treatment is thus crucial in the effective and sustainable management of the urban water cycle.

The multi-disciplinary nature of the topic results in overlap with many other research programmes at the Centre. Current water and wastewater treatment projects in the Water Research Centre include: