Research Experience and Scholarships

Various research experience and scholarships are available through the UNSW Water Research Centre to reward high achieving students from Australia and abroad.

Postgraduate Scholarships

Looking towards or currently undertaking postgraduate study? View a list of PhD and postgraduate scholarships on the UNSW’s Graduate Research School scholarship databases or the Joint Academic Scholarships On-Line Network (JASON) which provides a single, comprehensive source of scholarship information for both current and prospective postgraduate students.

Practicum international students

The Practicum Exchange Program is designed for students from overseas institutions who wish to come to UNSW to obtain research experience or professional/industrial practice. Please note that this Program is only available to students enrolled at UNSW partner universities.

This program is for a limited period (usually between two and six months) and may be a formal requirement for the award of a degree at the student’s home institution.

Each year at the Water Research Centre we welcome many practicum students. Please read some of their experiences:

Tiahne Zhang – France
Philippe Laou – France
Alban Leidig – France
Vincent Reynier – France

Water Quality Research Australia (WQRA) Scholarships

Water Quality Research Australia Limited (WQRA) is a national research centre that undertakes collaborative research of national application on drinking water quality, recycled water and relevant areas of wastewater management. The main focus of the research program is on urban water issues related to public health and acceptability aspects of water supply, water recycling and aspects of wastewater management. WQRA also has an Education Program, utilising the most successful elements of the CRC Program. The following scholarships are available through the education program:

  • WQRA PhD scholarships: awarded to students with exceptional research potential undertaking a higher degree by research. WQRA provides students with the opportunity to enhance their research skills and professional development to a point that makes them a valuable and employable asset to the water industry. Download the latest PhD Scholarship Poster.
  • WQRA Summer Scholarships: offers the opportunity for undergraduate students to undertake further research over the summer period. Students complete a short research project over a period of 10 weeks with a WQRA member organisation. The WQRA Program consists of an Orientation Program, the Research Project and a Reporting Seminar. Download the latest Taste of Summer Scholarship Poster.
  • WQRA Honours scholarships: awarded to students of exceptional research potential who are currently undertaking a relevant degree (e.g. science, social science or engineering). WQRA provides students with the opportunity to enhance their research skills and professional development in a wide range of water industry related areas. Students who excel in this focussed program will build capacity in the area of water research, which will in turn provide them with good opportunity for employment in the water industry or to progress to postgraduate degree in a water-related field of research. Download the latest Honours Scholarship Poster.



PhD Projects

View a list of our current PhD projects.